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SCON Vietnam JSC

[Viet Nam]Prefab

We produce numerous materials such as: lightweight concrete blocks, fitting bricks, prefabricated building components including fencing cement barriers, and border pavement, prefabricated panelling, sound and heat insulated partition, super light weight heat insulated ceilings, dried mortar.prefabricated House *Competitive price : only 1/3 of normal building fee *Short working time : 1 Week *Movatable *Reusable[...]


[Viet Nam]Scon Fencing

General Information - SCON-fence is made of lightweight concrete with steel core construction, a product of advanced German technology. - SCON lightweight concrete is made of fine sand, pooclang cement, water, foams and other additives. - SCON-fence columns/posts are designed with a steel reinforced core to strengthen and ensure stability when interlocking fence pieces/segments. - SCON-fence maintains its original quality with a long lifespan. - SCON-fence pieces with steel[...]


[Viet Nam]Lightweight concrete brick

SCON Building Material JSC products (Super Cellular Lightweight Concrete) include lightweight bricks/blocks, ceilings, partition wall, fencing, median barriers and planters/flowerpots. SCON products have attracted special attention from famous architects and designers as well as construction investors all over the world. Our products are known in more than 50 countries as a breakthrough in the construction material market. SCON's target is to continue developing in order to meet the ever-growing[...]